2011 BMW 550i

Do not buy this car.  Buy the 535i or the 528i, but this car is probably too powerful for you.  I on the other hand NEED this car.  I am going to tell you just how good this vehicle is and why it’s worth every penny IF and only if you drive it as it was engineered in Bavaria.

There’s a little stretch of road I typically go to test cars and what I’m about to tell you is 100% true.  I had this 550i up to 145mph and this BMW was stable and flawless.  On that same stretch of road, I had the Corvette ZR-1 up to 140mph and I was starting to feel unstable and uncomfortable.  THAT is the definition of German engineering and why you pay a premium to drive a BMW.

I realize that many of you who have $70,000 to spend on a mid-sized luxury sedan will probably ignore this and buy the 400hp 550i anyway.  (The test vehicle I was given topped out at $79,000).  The 5-Series is brilliant.  Its exterior has been significantly improved from the outgoing model and looks like it’s been sculptured like a piece of Italian art.  The interior is comfortable, luxurious, and very driver-oriented.  Controls, including the much maligned iDrive, are also an upgrade from the last gen 5-Series.

Bottom line is that other than the price, I can’t find much to criticize about the 550i which is why a more modestly equipped 535i or 528i could be the perfect mid-size luxury sedan for you and your family.

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