Canon 5D Mark II – Perfect for video too

High-Definition video seems to be everywhere, including my Droid X.  However, not all HD is created equally.  While the Droid X offers a highly compressed 720p format which is fine for sharing with your friends, but unacceptable for quality video production.

Until the Canon 5D Mark II, there hasn’t been a video camera that takes great stills or a still camera that takes great video.  As a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex), it takes amazing images that exceed 21 megapixels.  It also takes amazing video thanks to a large sensor that allows for tremendous depth of field shots.

The 5D is not a perfect video camera.  There is no auto focus, no variable zoom, and adding professional audio that you can monitor requires add-ons like the Beachtek 5Da which retails for around $350.  If you can live with those challenges, you will end up with a tremendous video camera that produces video comparable to much more expensive cameras.

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