My buddy is a police office in Los Angeles and tells me that prisoners aim to do 1,000 burpees each day to stay fit and build muscle (since the weight room has been shut down).  This may be one of the most difficult workouts and consist of the following:

  1. Jump with your arms raised
  2. Come down into the pushup position
  3. Complete one pushup
  4. Repeat step 1

On a good day, I can do 100 of these.  I could probably do 200 or 300 if I spread them out throughout the day, but I can’t imagine doing 1,000!

Next time you’re traveling or in your family room watching TV and want to get a quick workout in, give it a shot.  No weights required.  No gym needed.  No machines.  Just you and some floor space.  GOOD LUCK!

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