Valentine’s Day Commercials – ENOUGH!

As February 14th approaches, we are seeing more and more advertisements for Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it, the day retailers like to take advantage of men and coerce us into spending money to prove we love someone.

I think the commercial I hate the most is Jared Jewelers which shows three little girls who educate their father on where to go and what to buy their Mom for Valentine’s Day. The girl starts by saying…”did Dad go to Jared for the Pandora bracelet like we TOLD him?”  Perhaps if she said “suggested” then it would have been easier to swallow.

This day should not be about the material aspects, but about the thought.  As a Dad, I have my daughter watching what I do and taking notes.  The “experts” say that the relationship a girl has with her Dad forms the relationships she will have with men when she is an adult.

I certainly don’t lay any claims to being an expert, but I am here to say that there needs to be a limit on Valentine’s Day expenditure.  A man should not spend more than 0.2% of his gross earnings on this day.  So if you make $100,000, your limit is $200.  If you make $40K a year, don’t spend more than $80.

These holidays need an economic adjustment to reflect the real world.  Men, please don’t be pressured into spending too much as it will only set you up for failure for future holiday occasions.

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