Renaissance Hotel, Palm Springs, CA – not so hot

Hotels need to start posting on their web site what year the property was built and when it was last remodeled, because the Renaissance Hotel in Palm Springs is really showing its age.  It’s obvious that certain aspect of the property were remodeled, such as the hotel lobby.  However, the rest of it has 1980 written all over it.

My philosophy on any new place is that if my expectations are set too high, then I’m likely to be disappointed.  The Renaissance markets itself as a cool, boutique hotel, but it’s more of an upscale family hotel and not worthy of even its 3.5-stars.

I’ve stayed at other Renaissance properties and the end result was much different, so I have a certain level of expectation with this brand.  This hotel did not live up to its namesake and I can’t recommend it as a $150+ property.  This is more of a $110/night hotel and the extra fees really add up.  For example, parking is $10 per night and Internet  is $12.95 per night.

I will say this, the fitness room was very good and worthy of a solid B+ rating.  For a hotel of this price range, it was a terrific workout room.

I was not impressed and I’m not likely to come back here.  Palm Springs has too many other hotels that offer better amenities without the chaos of vacationing families…..and all at better prices.

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