Chaotic Connections Board Game. If you have $40 to throw away…..

We can probably all agree that Monopoly and Scrabble are two of the best board games ever invented. Trivial Pursuit, Candyland, and Life are also up there. If you like those games, you’ll hate Chaotic Connections.

Here’s what the people who invented this game had to say…..

One of the most exciting new games to hit the board game market this year, Chaotic Connections is a game of strategy and chance. The board itself is the geographical map of the USA featuring the country’s major cities, highways and byways. The object of the game is to be the first player to construct a road that connects all of their cities. Chaotic Connections is fun for children and adults. It takes only a few minutes to learn and about 30 to 45 minutes to play. Each new game brings different challenges, twists and turns as opponents slow your progress with “detours”, “closed roads” and other obstacles delivered by the “chance” cards. Educational benefits include strategic thinking, decision making, and the opportunity to learn the major cities of the United States, and how they are connected. It is such a unique game that is trademarked and patented.



I received one of these games and I really don’t share any of their enthusiasm. The game is not very good. The quality is very cheap and it is not challenging at all, just annoying and frustrating. But as with everything I review, I have to look at price. At $20, this would be an OK game. I looked on and found it for $40! I was shocked and offended. This makes no sense and there are so many better ways to spend my time and my money.

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