Hangar 24 Double IPA from Redlands, CA. It’s a shame to call this an IPA.

When I see a new IPA, I take a second look. When I see a new Double IPA, I buy it. I also have certain expectations, especially when I pay $7.00 at the specialty liquor store for a 22oz bottle.

I get this beer home and right away notice the color is perfect. Very similar to an Imperial IPA, but that’s where the similarities stop. This beer is bitter, harsh, and cheap. I can’t explain it, but it feels cheap as though it was an afterthought.

I will say this, as I poured the second glass, it started to mellow a bit and perhaps it needed time to breathe. However, I’m used to getting a quality brew from the time that top is popped. In order to get a good rating from me, this beer needs to be priced at around $4.50 or it needs to hire a new brewmaster.

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