Facebook is like Alcohol. Everything in moderation people.

Facebook. 43% of Americans have an account, but like most things, it follows the 80/20 rule or the bell curve law. 20% of my 500+ friends on Facebook account for 80% of the posts. Furthermore, about 5% of my “friends” are true power users and post hourly with every little boring detail of their lives. (I will be unfriending or blocking you soon.) Of the 310 Million Americans, 133 Million have a Facebook account or as the title implies, drink alcohol. 9% of those account holders post excessively about everything and are what I call raging alcoholics. You know who you are and it’s time to get some treatment.


Recently there have been a lot of World and domestic news stories that deserve a lot of attention, but the problem comes when stupid people make stupid statements about topics they clearly know nothing about. The one that put me over the edge was a post by a friend about the police shooting in Missouri. Yes, this is a horrible story and what’s making it worse is the manner in which the county of St. Louis and state of Missouri are handling it, so now we have riots, protests and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken over the case. So one idiot (who I’m not friends with) comments on the post as follows…..“Yeah, and all while we fund Israel’s slaughtering of the Palestinians….” Turns out this racist moron is what the industry calls a lifestyle blogger which means he has a web site, a few dozen followers and not much more. Think of these bloggers as journalist in training and some have a legitimate following, but not this assclown. I checked.

I decided to wait a couple of hours and see if anyone would either “like” his comment or write something about his racist comment. Of course no one did, so I laid into him, after sympathizing with my friend’s post about the situation in Ferguson, MO.

“What’s most disturbing to me in this post is that one of the people who commented decided to bring Israel into this story – which makes no sense – by saying ‘….and all while we fund Israel’s slaughtering of the Palistinians.’ That is an ignorant, racist person.”

BoxedWineMy response was much longer and immediately illicited an eMail from the author of the post. The commentor was offended and posted this…“Once the name calling begins—-especially with a stranger, I have nothing more to say, for it’s too personal and out of control.” So it’s OK to call an entire nation (Israel) butchers, murderers and war criminals for defending themselves, but not OK to be called out as a racist for doing so? Back to the alcohol analogy, this is the guy who shows up at the open bar and orders the most expensive whiskey because someone else is paying for it, but then can’t drink it because he doesn’t understand it. Probably should stick to the boxed wine he drinks at home.

This exchange is not the first and won’t be the last. On one hand, I would like to cancel my Facebook account, but automotive manufacturers look to see who’s posting and what they’re doing. It has become a source of news and information, sometimes misinformation, but a source regardless.

Facebook is like alcohol. If you don’t do it, don’t start. If you do it, limit your consumption and don’t type while under the influence. Bottom line, use it in moderation and you’ll be fine. I don’t profess to be the ultimate authority on Facebook posts, but maybe this is a good start to developing guidelines for those in the Danger Zone.

  • Don’t post about politics or religion. It can and will come back to haunt you.
  • Don’t post excessively about your family. We know they’re wonderful, but a couple of times a month is enough.
  • Don’t post pics of yourself doing stupid things, because one day you’ll get older and might want a job and you never know who’s watching.
  • Don’t post excessively about yourself or what I call “look at me” posts. I workout everyday, but I don’t post my workouts daily. It just becomes noise.
  • Don’t share news articles excessively, that’s what CNN and USA Today updates are for.
  • Don’t update your profile picture weekly. Three or four times a year is fine.
  • Don’t check-in excessively. We don’t need to know where you’re at 24/7. It’s not that interesting.
  • Don’t do airport check-ins. Goes back to that narcassistic culture that exists on FB.
  • Don’t tag people in your posts if they’re not there. Only tag people if they are with your or actually in the picture.

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