SoloShot2 video follow device needs more work

I’ve been testing out the SoloShot2 for the last couple of weeks hoping it could track the cars we shoot as they drive by. The basic SoloShot2 costs $400 and the camera controller adds another $100. Despite several attempts, we could not get the camera controller to work. The sync process is a tedious one which requires SoloShot2at least a 10 minute setup each time.

In theory this is a great device and I think it would work great to track my son’s basketball or football games, as long as I placed the transponder on a referee because it’s too big to place on a player. As for my needs, the movement just wasn’t very smooth. It was rather abrupt and produced unusable footage.

Bottom line is that this is a nice device certain activities and I see the benefit, but it did not work for our needs in shooting automotive videos.


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