Sony Handycam FDR‑AX33 is the best camcorder value on the market today

As professional videographers, we’re always looking for an edge. With the Sony FDR-AX33, we found it. I’ll summarize it’s benefits in the following bullet points:Sony FDRAX33

  • It shoots in 4K.
  • It costs under $1,000.
  • Battery life is terrific.
  • It can be controlled from a smart phone and that phone can zoom in and out.
  • The image quality is amazing.
  • The image stabilization is brilliant. Makes shooting car-to-car footage a breeze and eliminates the need for a third person.
  • Menu system in intuitive.
  • Buttons are customizable.
  • Making changes to audio, lighting, exposure is a breeze.

That’s it. The camera is brilliant. Only complaint is that the still images are not great, but that’s not what I bought this camcorder for.

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