DJI OSMO – my new favorite compact camera

With a price of $649, a 4K camera, a 3-axis gimble and a host of accessories, the DJI OSMO has far more

upside than drawbacks. To get stable video from such a low-cost camera is truly amazing. We actually built a boom that is mounted to a Gitzo tripod in the back of my ’99 Land Cruiser. Using an 8-foot square aluminum tube, I can sit in the back of my SUV and shoot amazing car-to-car video.

The result is stable video that would otherwise require equipment costing thousands of dollars. It shoots on a micro SD card and also has the capability to do slow motion at 120 fps (frames per second). You can also control the camera (which is the same used on the DJI Inspire 1 drone) using your phone so if you mount it to the outside of the car or to a pole, you still have control.

It’s great, the not perfect. Forget about shooting the back of a car because the wind will make your image unstable and eat up your battery because the gimble will be working overtime to stabilize your image. The other drawback is audio. Built-in audio sucks, but if you use one of the recommended shotgun mics like the Sennheiser MKE400, you can get by.

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